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A St Patrick's Passing

As the Annual St. Patrick’s Day Parade inches closer, every community, business, and campus Group scramble to enter a second-prize worthy float. The competition is fierce, and it has been rumored that contestants have been driven to deception, manipulation, and violence – even the edge of murder – in order to win the second place trophy, two pitchers of green beer, and $20 gift certificate to O’Shannessy’s Pub. When Sean, a local handyman, goes mysteriously missing, it’ll be up to you to find out what happened to him. Join us at Without A Cue Productions as we present “A Saint Patrick’s Passing!”

Production Credits

Written by:  Justin Caiazzo

Directed by:  Traci Connaughton

First performed:  March 2019


"Great show, great cast, great time! Highly recommend for a fun filled night! Had a blast. Will definitely be returning and bringing lots of friends with us. Job well done Without A Cue Productions!....and by the way,....I WAS THE WINNER!!!"

"This show was remarkable! I loved the characters, the writing was outstanding, and the cast was really amazing! Everything about the experience was fantastic, and I highly recommend seeing them perform! All around, a wonderful experience! "

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