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Come and be a part of our Freaky Fridays series, featuring distinctive and innovative performances in burlesque, vaudeville, and beyond.


Red Rum Theater, 601 Walnut Street, Philadelphia


Parking Available at Sansom Street Garage


Fridays starting in February


Call 267.994.1056 or email

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Get ready for a wild ride as Red Rum Theater teams up with Philly’s finest entertainers to inject a dose of unique, novel, and downright inspiring vibes into its Freaky Friday series! This adults-only extravaganza promises a rollercoaster of immersive events that’ll whisk you away to different cultures, time periods, and realms of sheer curiosity. Picture this: a thrilling blend of mystery, mayhem, and mesmerizing performances—all under the roof of Red Rum Theater. It’s the kind of Friday night shindig where the unexpected becomes the norm, and the only thing you can count on is an unforgettable experience! So, buckle up for a journey through the bizarre, the extraordinary, and the downright freaky. Your ticket to the unknown awaits at Red Rum Theater!


Adults Only – 18+.


THIS IS NOT A DINNER EVENT. Cocktails will be available for purchase during the performance.

AC Tix
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April 5, 2024

Everyone's a winner with burlesque bingo! 


Our bingo emcee will call numbers all night, and numbers are called each round until we have a winner! 

Between each round, enjoy a performance by one of Envoute Entertainment's saucy burlesque performers.

Come out ready to hoot, holler, and test your luck for some fun prizes and enjoy a night of some enchanting entertainment!


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March15, 2024

Magic Show and Whiskey Tasting. Hurry hurry hurry as the Doc and his caravan of oddities, mysteries, and magnificent libations take you through a journey filled with curios, artifacts (which you can touch and play with), film, magic, mind reading, storytelling, and more with a whisky flight like no other seen in Philadelphia. A plethora of potent Pharmaceticum, poignant prestidigitation, and phantasmagoric products of periods long past await inside the carnival tent. Whiskey connoisseurs welcome, curious neophytes encourage, admirers of the wondrous and macabre will not be displeased.

No flimflammery here, folks. Secure your ticket today! 


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March1, 2024

Grab your easel, your tassels, and a cocktail and join us for sketch and sip night! Burlesque Sketch and sip will combine a professionally-led art class with a fun and sexy ambiance provided by our burlesque performers who will not only tantalize us with their dance skills, but also model and pose for an art class!


Augmented by tasty drinks, whiskies, and cocktails by Pops McCann, this is an event any novice, expert and enthusiast can enjoy! Take a seat, enjoy the show, then SKETCH the show! It’s a unique twist on the classic paint and sip.


Maleficus Party Poster.png

March 29, 2024

Join "The Adventurers Guild" for an interactive fantasy experience where you, as a Player, embark on an epic journey, rubbing elbows with recruits and navigating fame or infamy. Stamp out Goblin infestation or secretly sabotage the Guild in this tongue-in-cheek F.I.R.E. Extravaganza, filled with bad nerd jokes, extreme Phuns, and audience participation – a show where you take center stage alongside the cast in Fantasy, Improv, and Roleplay!

Come join us for definitely NOT “Live, Action, Role Playing,” No Siree, this tongue-in-cheek interactive experience puts YOU the Player front and center, side by side with the cast in F.I.R.E! Fantasy, Improv, Roleplay, Extravaganza! 


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March 22, 2024

Welcome to “The Two Swiffers,” the hottest spot in the wizarding world...if you’re a washed-up has-been, that is. Henry, an egotistical wizard with a mid-life crisis, is trying to cheer up his recently divorced mate, Don. They unexpectedly run into his ex, Hermia, an unlucky witch who is struggling to put herself through Magic Grad-school. And you’ll never guess which lucky wizard we have tending the bar! Without A Cue Productions invites you to Red Rum Theater for drinks, Wizarding Quizzo, and a magical evening you won’t soon forget!



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March 8, 2024

Red Rum Theater is proud to  present: It's Not Personal, It's Drag!


A star studded cast of local drag performers perform, hosted and produced by Meg Cutting and Dominique Lee. Complete with lip syncing legends, dancing divas, themed cocktails and electric performances. Bring singles to tip! 

Packages include brunch, mimosas, or just tickets to the show.


Come out to the HOTTEST drag show in Old City!



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