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Sat, Oct 07


Atlantic City

The Falsettos Murder

Resorts Casino Hotel Atlantic City October 7 8pm

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The Falsettos Murder
The Falsettos Murder

Time & Location

Oct 07, 2023, 8:00 PM

Atlantic City, 1133 Boardwalk, Atlantic City, NJ 08401, USA

About The Event

In the zany realm of underworld crime, where "waste management convention" takes on a whole new level of intrigue, buckle up for a murder mystery that's as wild as a roller coaster and twice as twisty! Tony Falsetto, the man of the hour, finds himself taking an eternal nap just when the party's getting started, leaving everyone scratching their heads and reaching for their magnifying glasses.

Dates: October 7, 2023

Times: 8pm

Price: Tickets starting at $35

Where: Resorts Casino Hotel, Atlantic City, NJ

Run Time: Two hours



Call 267.994.1056 or email

Recommended for ages 16 and older.

The actors work within the audience - they do not use the stages.


Picture this: Tony, the Casanova of refuse, meets his untimely demise, and suddenly, all bets are off. Was it his fed-up wife, Carlotta, finally giving him a one-way ticket to the fish tank after years of fishy behavior? Or could it be his sly girlfriend, Natasha, whose secret massage hustle makes you wonder if she's rubbing people the wrong way in more ways than one?

As the Falsetto family drama unfolds, it's like a soap opera on steroids. Think "The Sopranos" meets "Clue," with a sprinkle of "Who Framed Roger Rabbit" for good measure. Loyalties shift faster than a Rubik's Cube in a tornado, and trust becomes scarcer than a parking spot in Times Square. The stakes are higher than Tony's hair, and the suspense is thicker than grandma's spaghetti sauce.

And guess what? You, yes you, the unsuspecting convention-goer, might just be plucked from the crowd to introduce Tony, the man of the hour. Or, hold onto your cannoli, you could find yourself tangled up in the Falsetto family web, donning the honorary title of Uncle Junior. Cue the dramatic music!

In the midst of awkward elevator conversations and more suspicious glances than a poker game with a bunch of clowns, the mystery deepens. Will you channel your inner Sherlock and crack the case before you're in deeper than Tony's secrets? It's a race against time, filled with quirky characters, laugh-out-loud moments, and more plot twists than a pretzel factory.

Our talented actors will transport you into a world of deception and intrigue, bringing the murder mystery to life right before your eyes. With their impeccable acting skills, you'll be drawn into a gripping tale where everyone is a suspect and trust is a fleeting concept.

As an integral part of the show, you will have the opportunity to interrogate suspects, gather evidence, and collaborate with fellow audience members to piece together the puzzle. Challenge your deductive abilities and work together to unlock the mystery's secrets.

So, grab your detective hat and your sense of humor, because in this topsy-turvy tale of "It's not personal, it's business," the only thing guaranteed is that you'll be laughing your way through the chaos as you try to figure out whodunit before the punchline lands.

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