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Cheers To Murder

It’s a sad day for Sam, Diane, Carla, and Cliff – their long time friend, Norm, has passed away, and they have all gathered for the wake. It seems Norm has died at this very bar, and the circumstances surrounding his demise are more than questionable. Join us for Norm’s wake, but beware – as accusations fly, tempers will get heated, pasts will be dug up, and someone – maybe even you – could be the next victim as we say “Cheers…to Murder!”

Production Credits

Written by:  Traci Connaughton

Directed by:  Traci Connaughton

First Performed:  September 2012

First run:  Peddler’s Village, Lahaska, PA September – December 2012

Subsequent run:  Fisher’s Tudor House, Bensalem, PA May – September 2015


"I’m not sure when Frasier Crane walked in the room, but he was funny as hell.  The cast did a fantastic job of making everyone in the room feel a part of the event. It was like all 60 some odd people were “in” on the same “inside” jokes. I honestly thought one guy was laughing so hard we were going to have to call 9-1-1."

"I have hired them twice and also went and saw a show at a restaurant. All three shows were hilarious and exceeded our expectations each time. Can’t wait for our next show."

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