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A Dickens of a Murder

BAH! HUMBUG! Ebenezer Scrooge is known for his miserly, uncompassionate ways, but he’s a changed man! He’s been practically giving his money away! Scrooge’s nephew, Fred Sawyer, is throwing a Christmas party and everyone is delighted for his appearance! But what’s this? Sherlock Holmes?! What could he possibly want at a Christmas party? You soon find out that he’s investigating dear Scrooge’s murder!  This Christmas party’s a hoppin’, but there’s a murderer a knockin’! This evening will be A Dickens of a Murder!

Production Credits

Written by: John Logue

Directed by: Traci Connaughton

First Produced by WAC: December 2010

First run:  Fisher’s Tudor House, Bensalem, PA, December 2010.

Subsequent runs:  Every holiday season since 2010.


"Wow!  The cast and crew did an excellent job!  Just ask Mrs. Dilber, who almost won a door prize three times!  They liked her so much a few employees put her name on the back of their door prize tickets instead of their own!  We had a great time and everything was perfect! "

"My lady and I were in attendance this past Saturday night at your performance for Fisher's Tudor House.  I've been writing about show business, music, and films for the past half century for a variety of books, magazines, and on line, and so I know that these things can offer a mixed bag of delights.  However, I wanted to say that your troupe performed admirably, and with infectious joy.  "

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