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An online murder mystery!

Virtual Murder Mystery Party for 6-10 guests.

Hosted by two Without A Cue Productions actors!


As seen on 6abc!

Clean the house, clean your car, clean your ... gun?! That’s right! All is no longer perfect on in the neighborhood as the housewives discover their neighbor has been murdered in her own home! These housewives are in need of so much help, they’re practically desperate! Come together with some of your closest wine buddies and help George (head of the neighborhood watch and editor of the neighborhood weekly rag) bring a killer to justice. They’re going to need more than the police to uncover this mystery – they’re going to need YOU! Never underestimate a housewife, she may be deadly!

Gather 6-10 of your closest (or furthest, distance is no barrier here) accomplices online for a virtual murder mystery event like no other! During this 90 minute event, you and your friends will get to examine the evidence, question each other as suspects, and ultimately choose who-dun-it.

Led by actors from Without A Cue Productions, your group of friends and family will be given characters and secret information online. You will have a day or two to trade information, and then will come together through video conferencing to gather more evidence and solve the murder.

This real-time interactive mystery utilizes Zoom Video Conferencing which is available on almost all smart phones, tablets, and computers. Visit to test your system capabilities.

How it works:

  • The host (purchaser) will receive an email after purchase, with a list of characters to assign their guests and further instructions. The host will then be sent an email to forward to all of their guests with the link for their meeting.

  • Next, each guest will receive a top secret email from us with information about their character and the clues that only they know. They will then be encouraged to contact the other players to exchange information.

  • An hour before the game begins, each player will receive one more email with top-top secret information to have available at the start of the game.

  • Then, everyone logs in, our actors will guide you through your game, and you all have a chance to solve the murder!

Do you have what it takes to solve

Deadly Housewives

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