The Murder of Oz Murder Mystery Show

Thank you for the show last night The Murder of Oz. I took my mom for an early Mother’s Day gift, she loves your performances, and last night was another good one for her. The entire cast was great although I think Mom’s fave for the night was the Scarecrow. After the show she even told him she loved him as Harry Potter in a previous production we attended. I have to say Glinda/Red Queen were the best, especially since I was one of the Red Queen’s Besties and played croquet with her and the Cheshire Lion! It was a fabulous show, thank you so much for a fun evening.

May 2018

Dorothy and her friends finally made it to Oz, but tragedy has struck – Dorothy didn’t make it into the balloon, and now she is stuck in Oz. But that isn’t the worst of it – a murder occurs in Oz, and it is up to Dorothy and the others to solve it. It will be a challenge: Glinda is too busy posting to Snapchat to be of any help, Dorothy is fresh out of valium and can’t find a pharmacy, the Lion is having an identity crisis, and the Scarecrow – well, let’s just say he’s in his own world. Join Dorothy and her Companions as they travel to an unknown land which is even stranger than Munchkinland or The Emerald City. Their journey is treacherous, but it is their only hope of solving THE MURDER OF OZ.

Written by:  Justin Caiazzo

Directed by:  Traci Connaughton

First performed:  May 2018

First run:  Fisher’s Tudor House, Bensalem, PA May – September 2018

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