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Murder in Tinseltown

Hollywood’s hottest producer, Cecil M. DeBill, has invited anyone who is anyone to his birthday party - including you! Unfortunately, tragedy has befallen this celebration. A few minutes before the party started, Cecil went into his office to answer a phone call and never returned. Two of the party’s attendees, Ginger Rogers and Fred Astaire, began to search for him when they discovered him lying on the floor of his study...dead. In Hollywood, everyone has a motive - especially in this “Murder in Tinseltown.”

Production Credits

Written by:  Traci Connaughton

Directed by:  Traci Connaughton

First performed:  February 2019

First run:  Fisher’s Tudor House, Bensalem, PA May - August 2020


"Great show, great cast, great time! Highly recommend for a fun filled night! Had a blast. Will definitely be returning and bringing lots of friends with us. Job well done Without A Cue Productions!....and by the way,....I WAS THE WINNER!!!"

"This show was remarkable! I loved the characters, the writing was outstanding, and the cast was really amazing! Everything about the experience was fantastic, and I highly recommend seeing them perform! All around, a wonderful experience! "

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