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Make your little one's birthday or playdate a virtual adventure with a Without A Cue Munchkin Mystery.  This half hour event uses the magic of Zoom to bring 15 special friends together for an online mystery adventure.  Children's imaginations will be let loose as they romp through  special worlds! Designed for ages 4 - 7 years.


Themes from with to choose include: Fairyland Fantasy, Pirate Paradise, and Superhero Adventure. 


Two experienced  actors guide this online experience.  Once we receive your reservation,  we will send you a Zoom link for your party, pre-game activities for your little ones, and all you will have to do is log in the date and time of your event!



Fairyland Fantasy

It is fairy naming day in Fairy Tale Woods, and your munchkins will get their fairy names at a secret fairy naming ceremony.  However, when the naughty wizard Zalamar appears and steals the magic wand, it is up to your little star to help track him down through the magical forest to get the wand back!


Pirate Paradise

Everyone gets to become a pirate today, and with the gift of a treasure map, they will also get their pirate names! Unfortunately, Captain Crook is about, and before the ceremony is done, Captain Crook steals the treasure map! With the help of their pirate friends, your little buccaneers will track down Captain Crook and get the bounty back!


Superhero Adventure

Your little munchkins will join the super squad Team-tastic. The fearless Captain Leader and the plucky Super Wonderkid lead Team-tastic on an educational trip around the world, saving the day wherever they land. All the while, discovering what it takes to be a true hero and the strongest superpower of all.

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