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Without a cue

Mini Mysteries

Designed for 6-20 guests

Without A Cue Productions is a Philadelphia based company specializing in interactive murder mystery entertainment. We perform regularly in Lahaska, PA and Bensalem, PA as well as several other locations, but are also happy to come to your area to provide top-notch entertainment. In 2019 we produced more than 480 events, and we hope we have the opportunity to create a unique event you and your guests won’t soon forget!

We will provide all props and “mood” music, as well as a prize for the guest who chooses the correct killer.  We do not, however, provide the meals (we are not that talented); if you are interested in including dinner or lunch with the event, we may be able to recommend a restaurant in your area with whom we have worked in the past.  We are happy to work with any set-up you plan, whether a meal is included or not.

How does a mini mystery work?

For parties of 6-20 guests, we have developed a special format.  This format is very interactive, requiring the guests to “play” characters, while two of our professionally trained actors guide them through an evening of mystery! This format works best for a group of outgoing people, who enjoy being the center of attention and each other’s company.  Don’t worry – no great acting skills are required, just some preparation before hand!

About two weeks prior to the event, we will send you information for each of the characters.  We can discuss beforehand which guest will be assigned to which role.  

On the night of the event, the guests will receive packets with additional information, which may include: 


  • Description of his/her character

  • Clues

  • Note-taking sheet/ballot

  • “Cash” which guests can use to buy clues!

Once the guests receive their packets, they will have time to read through them to determine what pertinent clues they need to reveal and for what they should keep their eyes open!  The guests may also be assigned teams, which will work together to solve the mystery as well as perform other tasks relevant to the game throughout the event.


All of a sudden ... BANG! a murder takes place! At this point, one of the actors (two Without A Cue actors are involved in our mini murder mysteries)_ reveals himself as a detective and launches an interrogation of all the guests.  Following the interrogation, guests have the chance of winning extra clues through a series of games and interactions. Once all of the clues have been revealed and all characters have been interrogated, the guests have a chance to cast their vote and answer the three M’s of murder mystery: The Murderer, The Motive, and The Method! The guest with the most correct answer will win a prize provided by Without A Cue Productions!


Pricing and Themes

Mini Mystery Cost for 20 Guests: $700.00
$350 non-refundable deposit due upon signing contract

We also request that if a meal break occurs during your event and guests are provided a meal, that the two actors are provided a meal as well. If this is not possible given your particular event, please let us know so actors can prepare accordingly.

Titanic 2.jpg

murder on the titanic - available april 2022

Set sail aboard the RMS Titanic: Enjoy the food, waltz to the music, but stay alert … rumor has it that one of the passengers is harboring a dark secret and may go as far as murder to keep the truth from being known. Can you solve this century-old mystery?

Copy of Tinseltown Design.jpg

murder in tinseltown

Hollywood’s hottest producer, Cecil M. DeBill, has invited anyone who is anyone to his birthday party - including you! Unfortunately, tragedy has befallen this celebration. A few minutes before the party started, Cecil went into his office to answer a phone call and never returned. Two of the party’s attendees, Ginger Rogers and Fred Astaire, began to search for him when they discovered him lying on the floor of his study...dead. In Hollywood, everyone has a motive - especially in this “Murder in Tinseltown.”

sapphire club.jpg

slaying at the sapphire club

It’s the Roaring ‘20s and tonight is the long awaited grand opening of the Sapphire Club - the jewel in the crown of Don Idunnit. Idunnit is eager to show the big bosses what he can bring to the table, and tonight, he aims to impress. Word on the street is that even the big New York boss will be in attendance. The creme de la creme of the Chicago Mob is expected to be in attendance, and while packing heat has been strictly forbidden, that doesn’t mean everyone is following the rules. So put on your glad rags and step back in time for a “Slaying at the Sapphire Club.”

A Very Manorly.jpg

A Very Manorly murder

It is 1936...

And, at an English country estate, a wealthy nobleman and well known newspaper publisher celebrated his 70th birthday last night. The assembled guests celebrated the event in a most fitting way, with enough food and drink to choke the proverbial horse. But, it seems the horse may have fought back. For, this morning, Sir Henry was found dead in the stables near the main house.

Everyone is a suspect as you try to solve A Very Manorly Murder.


Murder at Twilight:  great for teens!

Eddie and Ella have gathered everyone together for their annual Vampire Ball. This year, all of the vampires the world over have traveled to Paris to celebrate. However, the guest of honor is missing, and rumor is that his indiscretions over the past year may have made him one enemy too many. When he is found staked among the ornate decorations in the reception hall, it is up to you to solve this "Murder at Twilight."

American Star (1).jpg

murder of an american star:  great for teens!

Tyler Quick is on the set of Big American Star as a judge of the ultra popular talent show. The contestants have been whittled down to a mere handful, and the competition is fierce. The performers have been practicing their acts non-stop with the hopes of being chosen for the finals. But rumors have been flying that the backstage atmosphere is negatively charged – perhaps even murderously so. When the contestants begin to have life threatening “accidents,” it is up to Tyler Quick to solve the mystery before the competition turns deadly. (LADIES ONLY.)

mystery at macintosh.jpg

mystery at macintosh mansion:  great for teens!

In 1892, Colonel Charles D. Macintosh was murdered in his mansion - and his murder was never solved! Some say he still haunts the halls of the home he built, and that his spirit will never be free until his killer is revealed. Every year, a group of psychics and paranormal investigators gather at the old mansion to try to contact his ghost in hopes of solving the mystery - and this year, you have been invited! However, it appears that tonight's guests aren't exclusively among the living. Join us to help solve the mystery at Macintosh Mansion! 

murder and magnolias.jpg

murder and magnolias:  great for teens!

Mrs. Merriweather can hardly believe it, but it is time to start planning her daughter’s debutante ball. Magnolia Merriweather’s cotillion is going to be the event of the Atlanta social season, and her mother has invited Magnolia’s closest friends to tea to help plan the event. All the ladies are thrilled to be able to give their input, but they are even more excited by the special guest – Magnolia’s dashing and handsome cousin Brett, who is visiting from South Carolina. Several of the ladies have become rather starry eyed over Brett, and the competition for his affections is intense. However, will that competition turn deadly in this land of murder and magnolias? (LADIES ONLY.)

mistletoe (1).jpg

murder under the mistletoe

Welcome to the Annual North Pole Christmas Party, hosted by Santa himself!
You’ve been secretly looking forward to attending because it will be an excuse
to catch up on all the gossip. Some North-Poleans have been saying that Santa
is getting “a little too big for his britches,” and many have even suggested he
plans to dismantle the workshop and doing all of his shopping online. You hope
that some North Pole residents, like Mrs. Claus and Vixen, can shed some light
on all this, and you may run into some famous guests like Tiny Tim. It
promises to be a most enlightening evening!

About WAC


Our fully-rehearsed and scripted shows feature actors who are trained professionals in the art of interactive mystery theatre.


Without A Cue employs over 30 actors and can handle five concurrent events – we will never cancel a show if an actor has an emergency -- all roles are double or triple cast in case of such an event.

Flexible staging

No stage is required: the event takes place right in the audience!

all supplies provided

We provide sound equipment, programs, ballots, pencils,

and a prize for every show.


current and previous clients

•Moshulu Ship

(Philadelphia, PA)

• Maggiano's Little Italy

(Various locations)

• Adelphia Restaurant

(Deptford, NJ)

• Fisher’s Tudor House

(Bensalem, PA)

• New York Fun Factory

(New York, NY)

• Harrah's Casino

(Atlantic City, NJ)

• Johnson & Johnson

(Mult. Locations)

• Penn Museum

(Philadelphia, PA)

• Marshall’s Department Stores

• Peddler’s Village

(Lahaska, PA)

• The Palm Restaurant

(Atlantic City, NJ)

• Battleship New Jersey

(Camden, NJ)

• Macy’s (New York, NY)

• West Laurel Hill Cemetery

(Bala Cynwyd, PA)

• Mars, Inc.

(Hackettstown, NJ)

What does the price include?

Travel: If your venue is fewer than 80 travel miles from zip code 19090, no travel fee will apply. 

A Complete Production: Our productions are well-rehearsed, scripted, audience–interactive, and performed by professional actors.

Equipment & Supplies: We provide the following: sound equipment (including microphone in case you need to make any announcements); show-specific programs and ballots; a pencil for each guest; a prize for the guest who solves the mystery; and various props and costumes necessary for the performance.


Graphics: You will receive digital copies of graphics and a blank flyer which you can use as you wish! If you would like a flyer designed, please inquire, as this is not included in the cost of the show but may be available for an additional fee.

Untitled design (4).png

Q: What does WAC require for a performance?

A: A private space where actors can prepare before the show begins. A table and chair near an outlet for sound engineer. Meals/vendor platter for the actors & production assistant if your event will have a dinner break. A performance space that is closed off from the public such as a banquet space or private dining room that does not have viewing obstructions. An informed audience – guests LOVE to know that they are about to attend a murder mystery!

Q: How many actors are involved?

A: Two actors will be your investigators.

Q: How long does the event last?

A: 3-3 1⁄2 hours from the moment your guests walk in to the moment they leave. This time includes breaks for dinner, ballot-collecting, and an initial 30 minutes for guests to arrive and settle while characters interact with the audience. The show itself has a run-time of 11⁄2 - 2 hours.

Q: When should guests eat?

A: The meal (if you have one – dessert theater also works well!) can occur before the show starts, in which case we will take a 15 minute intermission between Act I and Act II, or the meal can occur between the two acts. The second version is our most popular timing.

Current and Previous Clients
What Does Pricng Include
About WAC

Lisa Lent-Miller, Old Bridge Animal Shelter

"Absolutely love this theatre company. I hosted two fundraisers so far using this group as entertainment and both were huge hits. Funny, creative and very entertaining shows. Two thumbs up!! " 


Merck Sharp & Dohme Federal Credit Union

"I just wanted to touch base with you in regards to Saturday night, everything was fantastic! The actors did an amazing job! They were funny and really entertained us, and the singing was a great touch too. Everyone thoroughly enjoyed themselves and really liked the fact that the actors involved them but didn’t make them have to act anything out. They liked that they could be apart of it by talking or just giving a high five or something along those lines. We just wanted to say thank you for everything! "

Char's Tracy Mansion

Murder at the Moulin was a huge success - Thank you for your lively cast of characters!

My customer base is quite savvy and your evening performance with interaction and comedy kept them quite entertained. Looking forward to the next . . . Murder! " 


Please note productions available for 150+ guests are marked with:

*Available for 150+ guests if required!

For 151-200 Guests a $1,000.00 Fee will be charged to supply the following:

• Individual body microphones for all actors

• Additional actors to maintain our unique interactive style of entertainment

• Additional programs, ballots, and pencils

• Our larger sound system able to provide sound evenly to larger groups

Travel Fees ($400 + $80/Without A Cue member):


For venues 80-120 travel miles from zip code 19090, a $400 transportation fee will apply. For venues more than 120 travel miles from zip code 19090, a transportation fee of $400 will apply plus $80/Without A Cue Member. Our smallest productions have three Without A Cue employees.

For 251-300 guests a $2,000.00 fee will be charged to supply the following:

• Individual body microphones for all actors

• Additional actors to maintain our unique interactive style of entertainment

• Additional programs, ballots, and pencils

• Our larger sound system able to provide sound evenly to larger groups

• Raised platforms to be set up throughout the space

• An additional Production Assistant

Team-Building Services ($500.00):


We provide additional materials to promote teamwork and leadership skills. Additional information regarding team-building services is available upon request.

Additional Charges


Downloadable Quote

Thank you for contacting Without A Cue!


For date inquiries and show availability:

Traci Connaughton

Executive Director

Ph: 267.994.1056

Follow us and friend us! @withoutacue

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