Murder Under The Mistletoe


Amazing night. We had so much fun. Thank you to Jen and Justin and to you Traci for helping us organize this awesome night. Happy holidays.

Sandy, December 2017

Welcome to the Annual North Pole Christmas Party, hosted by Santa himself!  You’ve been secretly looking forward to attending because it will be an excuse to catch up on all the gossip.  Rumors about the current Santa have been flying around the Pole faster than the reindeer.  Some North-Poleans have been saying Santa has been getting “a little too big for his britches,” and many have even suggested he has been thinking about dismantling the workshop, and doing all of his shopping online.  There have even been rumors of a rift between Rudolph and him, but you haven’t seen any evidence to suggest it’s true. You hope to run into some North Pole residents that can shed some light on all the gossip.  It promises to be a most enlightening evening!

This mystery is suited for 20 guests – 10 men and 10 women.

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