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Homicide and Holly

Please come on down and we’ll tell you a tale; One of a Christmas with rain, sleet, and hail. Vixen is tired of being deer number four; She knows deep down that she is worth more. She wants dearly to lead Santa’s pack, But that won’t happen till Rudolf is sacked. She’ll be held by Cupid, who’s tender and gentle, With many a sentiment quite sentimental. Cupid wants peace and to bring good tidings, But is there something this Reindeer is hiding? And let’s not forget Santa’s very dear wife, Mrs. Claus’s marriage is riddled with strife. Don’t cross Mrs. Claus, you don’t want to hurt her; A scorned Mrs. Claus is not above murder. Trouble is brewing in the North Pole; This could bad for Christmas on whole!In row number three, Vixen is steaming. While for vengeance, Mrs. C is scheming. To get on the nice list, Cupid has a plot, Now cut out the lights, and someone gets shot!

Production Credits

Written by: Justin Caiazzo

Directed by:  Traci Connaughton

First Performed:  November 2017

First run:  Fisher’s Restaurant, Bensalem, PA November – December 2017

Subsequent run:  Peddler's Village November - December 2018


"The show was absolutely hysterical. Haven't laughed that hard in a while. Would definitely love to see this again!!!! "

"We had an amazing experience with our event! Talented cast, and had the room laughing the whole time! I can’t wait for the next one! "

"We have been to many different Without A Cue murder mysteries and we have enjoyed every one. This is a favorite date night for my hubby and I."

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