Lucy, I’m Dead!

lucyweb_button (1)Where:  Holiday Inn East Mountain; Wilkes Barre, PA

When: Saturday, March 25; 5:30pm

Tickets: $65 per person (Includes dinner and show)


Welcome to the Club Babalu! Tonight may be Ricky’s big break. With Fred and Ethel brushing off their Vaudeville shtick and a Big Time Producer in the audience, this could lead to the big time – Broadway! As a member of the audience you will get to see the crazy slapstick comedy that everyone has been talking about. But will Lucy’s crazy schemes get in the way of Ricky’s success? Will Fred and Ethel’s constant bickering finally go too far? And who is the new headliner everyone keeps hearing about? When things go awry, Lucy has got some ‘splainin’ to do! Will Ricky’s last words be, “Lucy … I’m Dead?!”

“I just saw the I Love Lucy Murder Mystery Saturday night…the show was amazing…the cast was incredible!”

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