Dead Men Don’t Speakeasy

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Come as a flapper, come as you are. Come as a dapper gent or a silent screen star. A glamorous soiree full of mystery and suspense–and don’t worry. Your drinks are safe with us.
ENTER OUR 1920’s SPEAKEASY on March 8 from 6 pm-9 pm for a night of murder, suspense, and a ROARING good time!
Your purchase of a ticket* includes:
-Secret password to enter the Speakeasy
-4 course buffet dinner (menu coming soon!)
-Murder Mystery Show
*taxes and fees apply
COSTUMES ARE ENCOURAGED! Come dressed in your 1920’s best!

It’s the roaring twenties, and you have been invited to the hottest nightclub in town. It’s also a big night at the Rotten Club, and everyone is up to no good. Early Demise, the club owner, is on edge because Mr. Big has come to check out the joint, and make sure Early is making his backers money. Early’s headliner – and sometimes girlfriend, Bette – is scheduled to sing, but Bette is too busy making eyes at the guests to perform. To make matters worse, Early’s wife has decided that tonight is the night to end Early’s extracurricular activities. And Early’s staff isn’t much better – his emcee is up to his eyes in debt, the hat check girl is willing to kill to be the next headliner, and Hans Zoff, his faithful Maitre d’, is hiding a mysterious past. As the guests fight for first place in the Charleston competition, the first shot of the night rings out. Of course, in the Rotten, everyone has a gun, and it’ll take a master detective to find the killer in this speakeasy. There’s no job security for a gangster.

WARNING: Flashing Lights and Gunshot Sounds may be used in this production. If you have any questions, please contact us before the production.