A Dickens of A Murder

web button 300x300 - A Dickens of A MurderWhere: Dove Valley Winery, Rising Sun, MD

When: Saturday, December 16; 6pm (Doors open at 5:30pm)

Tickets: $35 per person (Includes dinner and show)

Call: 410-658-8388

Website: https://www.mt.cm/dickens-murder-dove-valley-winery


BAH! HUMBUG! Ebenezer Scrooge is known for his miserly, uncompassionate ways, but he’s a changed man! He’s been practically giving his money away! Scrooge’s nephew, Fred Sawyer, is throwing a Christmas party and everyone is delighted for his appearance! But what’s this? Sherlock Holmes?! What could he possibly want at a Christmas party? You soon find out that he’s investigating dear Scrooge’s murder! As more guests arrive and the Sawyer’s servant, Mrs. Dilber, attempts to spit-shine your spoon, you are Sherlock Holmes’ aid! Help him ferret out the guilty party and make note of the clues he discovers along the way. This Christmas party’s a hoppin’, but there’s a murderer a knockin’! This evening will be A Dickens of a Murder!