About Our Crimes

Without A Cue.  We Kill.  You Laugh.

“I, along with some family members, attended your show at Peddler’s Village on October 3rd to celebrate my 50th birthday. We had the “Tiny Moe” plant. I want to thank all of you for such a fun and entertaining evening! I can’t imagine any planned party or stuffy dinner that would ever have helped me celebrate in such a memorable way. I will never forget how much fun we had!! We will definitely return for future performances!!”  October 3, 2015 Murder Mystery Event

Without A Cue has been killing with murder mystery dinner theater and team builders in the Philadelphia area since 2002.  With fourteen years of experience under our belts, we have not only perfected the art of writing mysteries that crack our audiences up (and with 250 performances a year, we must be doing something right), but have also gotten quite good at operating a professional business you can feel comfortable partnering with for your event.  

We consider ourselves very lucky to have snagged some of the best actors in the Philly area.  This group of talented, hilarious people keeps the funny coming every performance, and they genuinely enjoy making an evening special.  Many of our performers have been working with us at least five years, which means you are getting to celebrate with a seasoned group of professional entertainers. 

What does an evening with us look like?

As you enter the room, you are greeted by our professional actors. As you mingle, you have the opportunity to pick up dropped clues, quiz the actors, and engage in vaguely witty repartee. When seated for dinner, you can discuss with your table-mates what you have learned from interviewing the characters. Be sure to check on, around, and under your table – valuable information may have been left behind, such as news clippings, police reports, greeting cards, or strange objects.

When the actors begin the show, you are transported to another time or place. The action may include members of the audience being called upon to act out scenes, judge contests, or simply provide a needed clue. In the midst of all the excitement a murder is committed. At this point you review the evidence and fill out your ballot – for a chance at winning the big prize. After the break, the actors return to solve the mystery, and reveal the winner!

Want to see us in our natural habitat?  Check out our performance calendar.

Want us to kill for you?  Contact us for a quote.

Want to see our mug shots?  Check out the photos of past prize winners.


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