Murder at the Moulin

Seven of us went to see Murder at the Moulin at Dove Valley Winery last night and had a great time. The cast was sharp, witty and wonderful. Would do it again.

Ever since the Moulin Rouge opened down the street, the Moulin Bleu has seen nothing but a decline in business.  The can can dancers are leaving in droves, they can’t get bohemian painters through the door with promises of free drinks, and even the half decent mimes won’t work for the Rouge.  The owners of the club, Monsieur and Mademoiselle Ennui, are desperate to find a solution to their problem, but the business simply doesn’t have the collateral to merit a loan.  When they do come up with a plan, it is more than a little disreputable and the repercussions could be deadly.

Written by:  Traci Connaughton

Directed by:  Traci Connaughton

First performed:  June 2015

First run:  Fisher’s Tudor House, Bensalem, PA January – April 2016


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