Without A Cue Available Murder Mystery Shows

The following themes are currently available for booking.


Deadly Housewives
Never underestimate a housewife,
she may be deadly!

lucyweb_button (1) Lucy, I’m Dead!

There’s gonna be some ‘splainin
to do!

charliesangelsofdeathwebicon Charlie’s Angels
of Death
????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????? Murder at the Moulin
C’est La Mort  
web graphic Murder, Vegas Style

What dies in Vegas
stays in Vegas

mistletoe Murder Under the Mistletoe

You better not shout, you better not die...

ONCEBITTENweb Once Bitten, Twice Dead
Death Bites
malt shop webicon Murder at the Malt Shop
It’s my party and I’ll kill if I want to…
ggweb_button Golden Girls Murder
Thank you for being a suspect
falsettoswebbutton The Falsettos Murder
It’s nothing personal…
it’s strictly business.
web_button  A Dickens of
a Murder
This Christmas party’s
a-hoppin, but there’s
a murderer a knockin’.
web_button2 Deadly Beloved
There’s murder on the
registry at this
deadly wedding.
Mug of beer close up on wooden table Cheers To Murder
Who will be the next
victim to say
“Cheers…to Murder!”
 the spy who killed me The Spy Who Killed Me
Kill and Let Die
webicon2 Dead Men Don’t
There’s no job security
for a gangster.
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Harry Potter and the Impossible Potion

galaxy2 Where in the Galaxy is the Emperor?
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