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"AllWebCafe had an absolute blast with Without A Cue Productions, LLC at Bourbon Blue last night. Thanks for leading us in murder and mayhem! The bar has been set for future holiday parties!"


Without A Cue’s small show formats are set up to ensure maximum participation for all of your guests. This type of performance works best for a group of people who are not shy and enjoy being the center of attention. Each guest is asked to play a character. Don’t worry – no one will be required to memorize any lines, or even be a very good performer!

Before the date of the show, we will provide you with character descriptions and packets of information for all of your guests. You decide who should play which role, and then distribute all information before the event. From then on, your only responsibility is to arrange the meal.

On the date of the party, two actors will arrive to guide you and your guests through your night of interactive mystery. Without A Cue provides all props, including all additional character information, name tags, theme music, and prizes. From the moment your first guest arrives, we will keep them involved in the game, having the time of their lives!

The action of the game will be lead by the actors. Guests will be asked to read clues from their clue book, answer questions, and maybe even play charades. With Without A Cue, all you will have to do the night of the show is sit back and enjoy the evening.


"We had a GREAT time at our outing with Without A Cue Productions. Everyone enjoyed the evening. We had guests from India and Denmark and they were impressed with the event. I look forward to the time when we can do it again."

"It was a fantastic event. Josh and Carl were great and super-flexible in fitting in with our timing/general disorganization/lack of acting skills. Overwhelming feedback from the guests was that everyone had a great time. I wouldn't hesitate to recommend Without a Cue to friends in the future - in fact I've already suggested to my hockey team from last year that they do this as a bonding event next season!"


Photos of other fun parties!