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Here are the answers to the questions you are likely to have...

How long is the show?

The show itself runs about an hour and a half.  With a meal, the evening runs about three hours.

Can we make announcements or have a raffle during the show?

Of course!  This is your evening, so the timing is all up to you.  We are very flexible about how the evening is run, and will meet with you well in advance to work out the details.

Do we need physical tickets to sell?

That is completely up to you.  Some venues and clients do, some don't.

Can people be seated in different rooms?

Not for our standard murder mysteries – everyone needs to be seated in one open space, where everyone can see the action.

Do you involve the entire audience?

While there is a lot of interaction, there is also an opportunity to not be involved and just enjoy the show.  No one in your group will be forced to play a role if they don’t want to.

Are these shows appropriate for children?

While our material is even tamer than what you might see on network television, we nevertheless recommend that children be left at home.  We do have some family-friendly fare, but most of our shows are murder mysteries, and as such have gun shots, questionable motives, and adult themes.  In addition, it tends to be a late evening.  Finally, the shows are not geared toward children, so they would just be very bored.

Do we need to provide microphones?

No, we bring all of our own equipment.

How much room do you need to perform?

Not much at all.  It’s nice to have an open space in the middle of the room, but not at all necessary.  We are very adaptable.

Do you need a stage?

No, and even if there was one, we probably wouldn’t use it.