The Golden Girls Murder Mystery

Golden Girls

Where:  Dove Valley Winery; Rising Sun, MD

When: Saturday, May 13; 7pm

Tickets: $35 per person (Includes dinner, glass of wine and show)




Thank you for being a friend! Especially a Golden Girls friend! Your favorite ladies from the ‘80’s are throwing a party, and you’re invited! Sophia, Blanch, Rose and Dorothy have worked long and hard to throw the perfect celebration, but will they still be celebrating when they discover that their party guest, Arthur, has not only been two-timing them, but three-timing them?! The women uncover a deadly love triangle, and they are not at all pleased! As Sophia attempts to lighten the mood with a song, someone’s attempting to lighten the mood with a BANG! Who could the killer be? Cast your vote! Perhaps YOU can solve this Golden Girl Mystery!



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