Family Friendly – Goblet of Poison

Where: Peddler’s Village, Lahaska, PA

When: Sundays in October, 1pm

Tickets: $25.95 per child (12 & under); $29.95 per adult (includes Lunch, 45-minute Show, Tax & Service Charge)

Call: 215.794.4051



When Henry is thrown (unwillingly) into the Three-wizard Tournament, he needs to come up with some way to survive, and quick! He enlists the help of his close friends Don and Hermia, who have problems of their own as they prepare for the Holiday Ball. The three sneak down into the dungeons of the castle to brew up a potion that will help overcome one of the various challenges, but are swiftly caught by Professor Snap. Will our friends succeed and get to the Tournament on time? Not without YOUR help!