Deadly Housewives

webicon1Where:  Pfeiffer Community Center

When: Sunday, September 17; 2:30pm

Tickets: $35 before date of show; $40 at the door

Call: 856.264.8337



Clean the house, clean your car, clean your … gun?! That’s right! All is no longer perfect on Hysteria Lane as the housewives – Summer, Chastity and Janet – discover their neighbor has been murdered in her own basement! These housewives are in need of so much help, they’re practically desperate! They’re going to need more than the police to uncover this mystery – they’re going to need YOU! They may even discover an audience member who looks just like Mary Ruth, and use her to contact their deceased friend from beyond the grave! Never underestimate a housewife, she may be deadly!
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“I just wanted to let you know the McGonagle Party of ten at Pine Crest Country Club last night had a wonderful time at “Deadly Housewives.”  Can’t say enough how great Traci Connaughton (Summer), Rachel Hendrickson (Chastity), Jen Linberger (Janet) and Nate Westover (Dr Bill and Deepoke) were!”